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Ex Jordan f1 trailer

Ex Jordan f1 trailer

Racetrailer for 3 cars with awning.

Racetrailer for 3 cars with awning.

JiR vehicle for workshop use with offices

JiR vehicle for workshop use with offices

Race Trailer, Tent Stegmaiger 108m2 plastic floor

Race Trailer, Tent Stegmaiger 108m2 plastic floor

Buy a Race Trailer

A subsidiary website of, Buyaracetrailer specialises in selling racing car trailers, racing car transporters and hospitality units. Although some of our vehicles have been pre-owned, they still demonstrate pristine condition. Of course, we also have brand new race trailers for sale too.

Race Car Trailers 

Race Car Trailers (Race Transporters) are predominantly utilised to transport racing and rally cars, as well as racing car parts and accessories. Modern day race trailers are fitted with several additional amenities including a workshop, kitchen, bed, office, generator and more. 

Different Types of Race Trailers 

Race Car Trailers

Race Car Trailers are built to transport various racing cars such as formula one, rally cars, NASCAR race cars, etc. Standard race car trailers are 4000mm high, featuring an awning and including an optional workshop area.

Spare-Parts Trailers

These trailers are employed transport various racing equipment, apparel, spare-parts and accessories.

Motorbike Trailers

Primarily used to transfer superbikes and motorbikes, these trailers are equipped with the same features as a race car trailer. The only real difference is that the garage is fitted with several racks to increase the loading capacity.

Hospitality Trailer

Hospitality trailers are huge, spacious and jam-packed with amenities.  They are designed to entertain guests, to promote brands, for product demonstrations and as a mobile showroom. 

Quick Information about Our Fleet        

  • Most of the race trailers that we offer are 4000mm high and over 13600mm long
  • Some of our race transporters are designed to carry specific vehicles but they can also be used for other vehicles, i.e. The Lotus F1 Team Pump-up Racetrailer
  • We have race trailers that can accommodate up to 5 or 6 cars

Special Features and Amenities 

Most of our race trailers are available with optional additional features including:

  • A bedroom that can accommodate up to 6 people
  • A kitchen with appliances (microwave, cabinets, fritz, etc.)
  • A bathroom
  • Generators
  • Water tanks
  • A workshop area
  • Luxury office facility (fitted with leather couch, solid wood table, sockets, flat screen TV, etc.)
  • Solar panels
  • Awning

Bespoke Race Car Trailers 

We build and supply bespoke race car trailers for motorsport events such as Formula 1, German VLN Series, World Rally Cross, European Le Mans, Dutch Super Car Challenges, FIA WTCC, BTCC and GP2. We build race car trailers using our fabricated bespoke built chassis. Contact us with your specific race trailer requirements!

Other services

  • We can help you to sell your existing race car trailer. You can place an advertisement on our website for free. Visit
  • We can help you to locate an affordable race car trailer for rental purposes. Visit 

Our search features facilitate a quick search procedure according to your preferred budget, number of cars, condition and type. You may call with any questions or enquiries.

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